Data protection statement

Data protection statement

Area of validity

This data privacy statement explains to users the method, scope and purpose of collecting and using personal details on this website by the provider responsible.

The legal basis for data privacy is Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Teleservices Act (TMG).

Access details/server log files

The provider (or its webspace provider) collects information (known as server log files) every time the site is accessed. This information includes:

The name of the website accessed, file, date and time of access, quantity of data transferred, message that access was successful, browser type and version, user’s operating system, referrer URL (the page visited beforehand), IP address and requesting provider.

The provider uses these log files for statistical evaluations only, to help it operate, secure and optimize the website. However, the provider reserves the right to examine log files at a later stage if there is a genuine reason to suspect that the site has been used illegally.

Handling personal details

Personal details are information which can be used to identify someone, i.e. details that can be traced back to a particular person. These include name, email address and telephone number, but also information such as preferences, hobbies, memberships, and the websites the person views.

Personal details are only collected, used and passed on by the provider if this is legally permitted or the user agrees to the details being collected.

Making contact

When contact is made with the provider (such as through a contact form or email), the user’s information is saved for the purpose of handling the enquiry and for any follow-up questions.

Incorporating services and third-party content

Third-party content such as YouTube videos, Google Maps, RSS feeds and graphics from other websites may be incorporated into this website. For this to happen, the provider of such content (hereafter referred to as ‘third-party provider’) needs to know the user’s IP address, because without the IP address they cannot send the content to the user’s browser. This means that an IP address is required to show such content. We always try to use content whose providers use IP addresses for supplying content and nothing else. But we cannot stop third-party providers from saving your IP address for statistical purposes, for example. If we become aware that they do so, we will inform users accordingly.

Revocation, alteration, correction and updating

Users have the right, free of charge, to request information about their stored personal details. The user also has the right to have incorrect details corrected and their personal details blocked or deleted, provided there is no legal duty to preserve these records.