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Covent Garden Munich

Near the idyllic Luitpoldpark and in the vicinity of the popular Georgenschwaige open-air swimming pool, GERCHGROUP has taken charge of developing an attractive and versatile quarter on Schleißheimer Straße in the famous Munich district of Schwabing. The 11,000 m2 estate in this popular residential area of Munich will see the rise of market-compliant residence with flexible types of dwelling catering to very diverse demands.

The project was incorporated into a joint venture with SSN Group AG, Zug, in April 2017. This joint venture was dissolved in June 2018. Since then the project has been implemented by SSN Group AG. The project details refer to June 2018.


Residential & kindergarten & commercial

Gross floor area: approx. 30,000 m2 TBD

Q I 2016

Start of construction
From 2019

From 2021

Total investment
Approx. €196 million



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