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Our standard
Excellence from the word go

The GERCHGROUP is a team of top-class experts for the development of new building projects and lucrative revitalizations in the top 7 German metropoles as well as in attractive urban locations of prominent second and third-tier cities. This development strategy also encompasses user-related office developments.

The outstanding success of our acquisition and development activities derives both from our many years of experience in the real estate business and our extraordinary nose for identifying high potentials. Yet these potentials do not only lie in the objects alone. Rather, the specialists of the GERCHGROUP crystalize them out of individualized concepts adapted to the location. All in keeping with our guiding principle: “Excellence in property development investments.”

The GERCHGROUP convinces partners and investors, cities and users – and of course ultimately end investors – through the creation of consistent and enduring added value.

Each top manager of the GERCHGROUP has three decades of experience in real estate. Together, they form the dual leadership of a highly efficient, rapid-response project development team that covers every individual phase of the business venture with outstanding technical and commercial expertise and first-class know-how.

Our versatile network of dynamic industry professionals and market experts enables us to achieve excellent direct access to a project in almost any situation. Prime relationships to brokers, architects, capital partners and banks are one indispensable foundation for the successful business of the GERCHGROUP.

At the same time, all relevant business disciplines are completely covered in seamless collaboration within the well-integrated core team of the GERCHGROUP. From the research and acquisition of potential properties and areas to the complete resale of the objects to end investors, the GERCHGROUP works hand in hand every minute – both internally within its own competence team of experts and externally with participating architects, brokers, general contractors and construction companies.