The new enterprise founded by the PDI success team

After seven years of outstanding performance as joint managers of the PDI Group and one of the leading project development teams in Germany, Mathias Düsterdick and Christoph Hüttemann established GERCH Development GmbH in November 2015 and GERCHGROUP AG in May 2016.

Under the slogan “Excellence in property development investments”, GERCHGROUP develops construction and revitalization projects with sustainable surplus value in the top 7 German cities as well as in excellent downtown locations of B and C cities.

GERCHGROUP enjoys outstanding access to relevant projects due to its longstanding network of experts and tried and tested partnerships. In its first fiscal year, the company achieved a portfolio with a total project development volume of about €3,9 billion.

To alleviate the shortage of affordable living space, the management of GERCHGROUP founded 6M Wohnraum AG as an affiliated company in autumn 2016. Its aim: the rapid creation of good convenient living space with affordable rents – within very short construction periods of as little as 6 months. For further information, visit